Calling all artists, writers, dancers, musicians, poets, creative people ….

Please could you spare us fifteen minutes to fill in a survey? This year, Viccy Adams and I are working on a research and development project (with the support of Arts Council England and some other lovely partners) to look  at ways of better supporting sustainable creative practices in a changing world. You can find out a […]

Because I never ever want to lose this video…

How to get a writing group buzzing

I’m so lucky with my writing groups – and the mix of people who come. One term, I did an exercise on getting them to share what they knew: we had talks on the different kinds of silence (from a psychotherapist), on volcanoes (geography teacher), photo journalism (a photo editor), mughal architecture (journalist), continuity in […]

An invitation if you been on one of my courses, or worked with me…

Last night, sitting round the Wednesday Writing Table, we decided to open a Facebook group to share writing information (submission calls, competitions, new magazines, readings etc), our good news, our sulks, writing prompts, and maybe even to ask for and give feedback advice on work in progress. If you have been to one of my courses, […]

Lavender Maze, two toddlers run in circles….

I ran a workshop at the Physic Garden at Westgate Gardens in Canterbury today. That’s the garden above. And the sun shone, and the cake came. Look! But more importantly poets came too to write with me, some new poets, some already established, some drawn by the plants, others by the words. It’s the joy of […]

The Story of a Collaboration – truths and tips from Vanessa Gebbie

  I’m so pleased to bring you this guest post by one of Spreadsheet and Moxie‘s Associate Artists, the very wonderful Vanessa Gebbie. Sharing this sort of information – not just WHAT people are doing but HOW they have done it – is exactly what Viccy and I hope to do with our project, and I […]

Snake oil, giant frogs and a quick death….

Herbs have long been used as healing plants, but – as part of my research for next Saturday’s writing workshop in Canterbury’s Physic Garden –  I’ve just had a lovely little research side-track into some other natural ‘cures’… Tuns out there really WAS snake oil… and a catchy product name here… Make your own opium.. …or […]

It’s research, honest….

This eclectic and beautiful pile of books is just what’s needed to help prepare for the Poetry Workshop at Westgate Canterbury’s Physic Garden, 11-1pm, 24th September. We’ll be exploring plants, remedies and poetry. There are still a few places left, you can find out more here….

Spreadsheets and Moxie… an after retreat report with ten lessons

Note: Spreadsheets and Moxie is a year long R&D project, funded by Arts Council England, in which Viccy Adams and I work in tandem, with partner organisations and ten very talented Associate Artists, to take a rounded approach to professionalism in the Creative Arts, with a particular focus on leadership for women writers. Find out more here.  […]

Try your hand at a herb haiku, a basil ballad and some parsley poetry…

Come and indulge your senses with a Herbal Infused Poetry Workshop at the beautiful Physic Garden at Westgate Gardens, Canterbury Saturday 24th September – 11-1pm Costs £4 (including tea and cake) How could such sweet and wholesome hours be reckoned, but in herbs and flowers? Andrew Marvell I’m running a workshop in Canterbury designed around […]