Sunday Sports(women) No 2

Two things today… first of all, and further to my recent rant about why women can stop playing sport,  can I suggest you watch this great video (recommended to me by Jen Campbell (thanks Jen)) …   And secondly, another link – here’s the book recommended above – Eat Sweat Play, How Sport can change our lives by […]


Sports(woman) Sunday

Look at this blog go …. all organised and snappy with the days of the week. FIrst of all there is a regular Friday writing exercise, and now a weekly Sports(woman) Sunday. This gives me the chance to talk more about women and sport, look at the opportunities and praise the wonderful. And there are so so so many. […]

writing seed

Friday Writing Seed, No 1

Every Friday (or most, try as I might I’m not a machine), I’m going to offer a writing ‘seed’ for you here. Put the kettle on, make a cup of tea and set your alarm for ten minutes. Don’t worry too much, just see where your writing takes you. And if you’d like to leave […]


Pippi Longstocking and me – a week of kayaking and camping in Sweden

I COULD have spent the last week glued to the radio and twitter, head swerving left and right as the badnewsgoodnewswhatthehellisthatnews rushed in, but instead we’d booked a week away camping on the uninhabited islands in the Saint Anna archipelago in Sweden. It’s hard to imagine somewhere further away from day to day life. There’s no […]

Love and Stationery

Someone asked for this poem last night, and so I thought I’d share here too… it feels like a time for the comfort of new journals, and not just for women. It’s from my poetry collection, You Do Not Need Another Self-Help Book. Love and Stationery Sarah Salway Tonight, women dream of stationery; well thumbed […]

Women and men and sport….

It’s a curious time to be British, even if we can’t agree of anything else surely we can agree on that. But heyho, sport will bring us together. And look England are playing Iceland, and for the amount we pay Wayne Rooney each week we can give almost the entire population of Iceland one pound […]

Throw some writers in a bowl….

…. shake them round a bit, and you get …. I think I’ve probably talked a lot already about how I love my Tuesday writers – a regular group that meets at my house to write. We celebrated last night with an end of term reading – a mixture of novels in progress, poetry, non-fiction, […]

Laugh until you mean it

I went to a laughing workshop tonight. Ridiculously I was a bit scared, but that made me laugh by itself. Scared of laughing? Luckily I’d had practise – just at the weekend we’d laughed a lot as we celebrated my sister’s special birthday. Drinking games, silly moving round the room games, songs, memories. Those family […]

Hurry, still a few places left… Writing and wellbeing course

I’m really pleased to be sharing some of my journal writing exercises in Canterbury next week as part of the Poetry Practice’s Summer Celebration. There are just a few places left, and it looks like a wonderful group so do come and join us! For more information and click here., and for more details and a […]