Half-time Report – Spreadsheets and Moxie….

Half-time Report – Spreadsheets and Moxie….

We all went out to listen to the owls on Wednesday night. They weren’t doing the wise old ‘toowhitawoo’ children’s song, but howling to each other from across the trees. ‘You can tell why people thought they brought bad news,’ one of our fellow writers said. Chilling.

But luckily, no bad news on our project’s progress. We are keeping daily to-do lists on the walls outside our rooms – one half is for intentions, the other for …


And hurrah, so far we are balanced.

Moxie to-do listsIMG_2032 IMG_2035

Trust me, it makes sense. We’ve both been working on our own writing every morning, and working on Spreadsheet and Moxie in the afternoons. Things are moving on – we have been using a variety of freewriting exercises, lists, exploring current research, case studies, and playing devil’s advocate rather a lot to come to some conclusions. I’ll post up some examples of how we’ve gone about it later, we’ve been making conscious decisions to approach each question as writers, rather than academics or corporate researchers. You can catch up with some of what we’ve done through our live broadcasts via Periscope – just click HERE! This is a new thing for us (as you can probably tell) so all constructive criticism is welcome – I don’t need to be told my teeth are large or I wave my hands round a lot because funnily enough, I know that. Sensitive much? To be honest seeing myself on camera like this is an ORDEAL! However, suggestions of what you would like to know that we’re not telling you would be very useful, for example.

But .. moving on, if you want to join in more, take our survey, or are just curious, we have now got a newsletter mailing list. For that, click HERE.

But for now, here are some pics from our week…

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