Two new reads and workshop news….

Two new reads and workshop news….
Two new reads and workshop news….

Firstly, many apologies but we have had to postpone our Mat and Page course for 22nd July due to unavoidable life stuff… if you’ve already booked, you should have had an email, but we will be back with more courses. This is such a wonderful mixture of yoga and journal writing that we’re both passionate about. How could we not share everything we’ve learnt with you!


In other news, if all this hot weather is making you feel like a swim, then my short story, Potassium Man, is the Weekend Read here. Thank you to the wonderful For Books Sake for choosing and featuring my story.

And another story of mine has just been published in an anthology about GLUTTONY. Thank you so much to Matt Potter and Pure Slush for selecting this rather mad story. It began on the No 29 bus between Tunbridge Wells and Brighton, and features Ed, who likes to enjoy his own picnic on the bus. Here’s the start…

Shhh, I tell myself. Stop making so much noise, but then I start eating and just forget about everyone else.

            It’s like I’m on a magic carpet. No, not that. A camel, because we’re swaying this way and that across Kent and into Sussex. I keep my bag beside me, so I can dip into it every now and then, pull out a silver foil wrapped package and…

            … ohhh…

            … a hard boiled egg with…

            … yes …

            … a twist of salt.

            To tell the truth, I’ve often thought about leaving the egg behind after those two women complained about the smell that one time.

            ‘I thought he was farting. Did you too, Caroline?’

            ‘I didn’t like to think.’

            And then they were giggling as if someone having his lunch in public was an entertainment.

            ‘Oh my god, Caroline,’ the loud one went. ‘He’s got a chicken leg now.’


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