A Yoga Poem
Sarah Salway

Forty minutes into class,
and we’ve been dolphins, cats
and cows, roared like lions,
steady as sphinxes, our legs bent –
embrace the pain! – pigeon-style,

until, pedalling in dog,
fairy lights pulsing in the corner,
I see the world upside down –
our bodies, like misshapen skittles,
line up not to be knocked down

but to be anchored in breath,
drowned in great gulps of serenity,
and maybe the miracle is actually us,
almost unbearably human, striving
to take small steps to the impossible.



Journal writing at the Freestyle Yoga Project, in Tunbridge Wells (just 5 mins walk from the station with direct trains every half hour from London)

Would you like to learn some new journal writing techniques for wellbeing? Perhaps you’ve kept a journal for some years and want to breathe new life into your writing routine? Or you are going through a period of change and want a safe place to work out some decisions for yourself?

Anna, founder of the Freestyle Yoga Project, and I run regular yoga and journal writing sessions which use a mixture of reflective and creative exercises designed to help you surprise yourself on the page. These workshops offer an opportunity to discover new ways of journal writing as well as reinforcing what already works for you. We forget the grammar police, red pens and even neat handwriting as you give yourself space to tune your unique writing voice, liberate your imagination and use language as a map to support your journey to self-discovery and growth. Write at your own pace, and with absolutely no need to share unless you want. No previous writing experience is necessary.

Many of the exercises are based on the acclaimed Journal to the Self course, devised by Kathleen Adams, director of the Center of Journal Therapy and bestselling author of the book, Journal to the Self. I am one of a handful of instructors currently certified to teach this in the UK.

There will be more dates shortly, so do let me know if you’d like to be put on the mailing list or would like more information. Email me on sarah@sarahsalway.com.

I look forward to writing with you!