mat & page yoga & writing

Yoga and journal writing are natural friends. Both allow gentle permission to move, to change, to BE exactly how you are supposed to be – on the mat AND the page – rather than striving always for someone else’s idea of perfection.

So with my friend Anna Robertshaw, founder of the Retreat Yoga centre in Tunbridge Wells, we’ve created Mat and Page, through which we will run regular yoga and journal writing sessions in beautiful places! 

The Mat and Page workshops offer an opportunity to discover new ways of journal writing together with the practice of yoga, breathing, moving and stretching. We forget the grammar police, red pens and even perfect yoga kit as you work to liberate your imagination and use language and movement as a map to support your own journey to self-discovery and growth. No previous writing or yoga experience is necessary.

Find your voice, and get to remember who YOU are amongst all the noise.


Our venues are going to be very important to us, and we are so proud that one of our first bases is the beautiful Kingdom in Penshurst – a truly magical natural venue in the middle of Kent countryside, and yet near central train stations.

Here are our first dates:

22nd July, 10-3pm

20th October, 10-3pm

13th January, 10-3pm

23rd March, 10-3pm.

Each day will cost £95, and £350 for all four. Places have been filling up already, but if you would like to reserve one or find out more, please email me on